terrorists in indonesiaJalin, in Jantho district, Aceh Besar regency, has suddenly grabbed public attention for the last two weeks. The police have found training grounds used by armed terrorists, about 15 km east of Jantho city, the capital of Aceh Besar regency, or about 90 minutes to the east of Banda Aceh city.

Jalin is only a village at the end of the Jantho-Kemala road, near wooded hills. Most of the people there are transmigrants from other provinces. Some of the villagers are farmers who've been planting paddy and for the last one year trying to cultivate profit by seeding corn.

Last week, Jalin became 'famous' when a joint team of the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) mobile brigade police and the Aceh Besar district police apprehended four people there suspected to be linked with the Jamaah Islamiyah. The police stated that the group is linked with Muhammad Rois' group, which was responsible for the bombing at the Australian Embassy in 2004.

Rois is from Banten, and coincidentally two of the four people apprehended in Jalin are also from Banten. Jalin's terrain is hilly, it shares borders with three other regencies, and it's part of the Bukit Barisan mountain range.

In the last two days, the joint team with the Anti-terror squad Densus 88 have set up camp at Panca village, Seulawah valley, which is around the entrance point to the area suspected of being the training grounds of the armed terrorists.

The raid is closed and reporters are forbidden to approach. The NAD police chief, Insp. Gen. Adityawarman, stated that the case is being handled by the National Police HQ, and that the district police aren't directly involved in the raid.

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