Chances are if you like video games, and your girlfriend likes video games, then you’re not playing the same video games. Some guys would shutter at the thought of “casual games” while most girls see Halo as some kind of complex, unfun waste of time. Certainly there are exceptions, but in most cases you might find yourself wondering…are there games out there that both I and my girlfriend might enjoy together? I’m glad you asked! Let’s run through ten of them now:

10 Music-centric games

RockBand, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Singstar, etc.

(all major console platforms, $60-150+)

Easily the most obvious one on the list, music games inspire the soul to get down and jam on your plastic instruments. Anyone can get in on the fun with most of the setups, whether it’s the complex guitar riffs or singing in the mic. Plus many setups are available on almost all major consoles, and with the holidays over many retailers are ready to unload their huge surplus of instruments with some really great prices (and if taking up half a living room with plastic equipment isn’t your thing, try karaoke games
like Singstar and Lips.)

9. Critter Crunch

(PS3 Playstation Network, $6.99)

A huge success on the iPhone, Critter Crunch jumped to the PS3 just a few months ago with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and addictive gameplay modes. While the learning curve takes a while to adjust to, the game features a fun split screen battle mode and plenty of charm for the long haul. Plus, chicks dig cute animals, and the characters have that in spades.

8. Sonic Genesis Collection

(PS3/Xbox 360, $29.99)

Perhaps your girlfriend was a nostalgic gamer who wouldn’t touch new games with a ten foot pole…but has no problems inserting dozens of quarters in your favorite 80s arcade. While the Sonic Genesis Collection isn’t quite as nostalgic-inducing as most arcade/console collections would be, it still features so many Genesis games and old-school fun that you’re bound to find one to enjoy with your girlfriend. Plus, the low price and easy achievements/trophies makes it a guilty pleasure for all you points hunters
out there.

7. LEGO Adventure Series

(all platforms, $29.99+)

LEGO games have gotten incredibly popular, leading to the franchise of games like LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman, among others. All can be found for fairly cheap prices, and all have co-op abilities and a good amount of charm and humor in their presentation and cut scenes. This series is a great starting point for girl gamers who are just barely getting into gaming.

6. Modern Warfare 2

(PS3, Xbox 360, $59.99)

…and on the entire other end of the spectrum is Modern Warfare 2, a game that’s different from it’s other Call of Duty chums in that it has a mode called Spec-Ops, designed for two player co-op gameplay. What’s great about this mode is that both players can have their respective difficulty levels, so that you can keep it on a challenging difficulty level for yourself and an easier one for your girlfriend if you need to. If they’re ready to jump into first person shoot-em-ups, I can’t think of a more “friendly” introduction to warsplosion games of awesome.

5. Peggle/Peggle Nights

(PC/PS3/Xbox 360 downloadable game, $9.99)

But of course, you don’t always have to play together to enjoy some gaming. Try playing Peggle and compete for high scores on the leaderboard as you bounce a ball along some pegs to clear the level. It’s highly likely she’s already deep into this hugely popular series, so bulk up on your Peggle expertise before suggesting a head-to-head battle for first place.

4. Diner Dash

(PS3/Xbox 360 downloadable game, $9.99)

Another hugely popular game is Diner Dash, which exploded onto the PC quite some time ago. Now available for the Xbox 360/PS3, this new HD Diner Dash features both co-op and competitive modes, though the most fun is running a restaurant together as the pace builds more and more to the point of insanity. The easy controls and simple nature of the game makes it an easy choice for less-experienced gamers.

3. New Super Mario Bros.

(Wii, $59.99)

You can never go wrong with Mario, and can certainly not go wrong with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which takes the gameplay of the NES classic into a brand new two to four player quest. It’s maddening, crazy, addicting and hilarious, and is probably stocked a little bit better in stores than the mad holiday rush that happened just a few months ago.

2. LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition

(PS3, $59.99)

While LBP controls a bit differently than most platformers, it’s still a blast with up to four players as you traverse the user created levels of the LBP Universe. Considering there’s already over one hundred thousand levels online available to try, there’s a good chance you won’t need to shelve this game any time soon. Plus, it’s full of whimsy charm that just oozes near-universal appeal.

1. The Pixeljunk Series

(PS3 Playstation Network, $9.99)

Pixeljunk are retro-like games fused with next-gen ideas and art. Pixeljunk Monsters is easily the best of the series as the co-op mode allows you to build defenses out of trees in order to stop the monsters from reaching your village. Another good choice is Pixeljunk Shooter, which is much more forgiving in terms of difficulty and has a spaceship going down the depths of an alien planet, rescuing people all across the world. They are all pretty easy to learn, but difficult to master, and most of all addicting to play. Watch out for Pixeljunk Eden and Racers however, as their difficulty might be too hard for even the pair of you to tackle. You have been warned.

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